Pillars Wellness – Hot Power Yoga and Breathwork

Pillars Wellness – Hot Power Yoga and Breathwork

Please join us for Hot Power Yoga and Breathwork on Thursday, February 16th @ 4:30 – 5:30 PM  by signing up on the sign-up genius here

WELLNESSHot Power Yoga and Breathwork

During the colder months of the year, I like to slow down and let my body and mind recover as I prepare for the next year. Last month we were treated to the deep stretching of YIN Yoga, along with the relaxing Sound Bath Meditation. This month, we move into Hot Power Yoga and Breathwork that touches on the Wellness dimensions of Emotional, Physical, Social and Spiritual (at least). The Power Yoga will be 45 minutes and geared toward beginners – if you get tired you will be encouraged to rest and stay with your breath, but is accessible to all. If you spend most of the practice in Child’s Pose, that’s 100% fine – you still showed up which is the hardest part!

Yoga will be followed by 15 minutes of Breathwork to teach you some tools for stress management that can be used in and out of gym.

Both will be taught at Homegrown Power Yoga in Herndon.

What is Hot Power Yoga: Power Yoga class works to stretch and release, tone and strengthen each part of your body in a cozy infrared heated studio with soft and safe Zebra flooring. You will leave feeling invigorated in your body and calm in your mind. The class is designed for all levels from people new to yoga to more advanced. You will love it! The yoga will be taught by one of the amazing instructors whose bios you can read on the linked page. Each of the instructors bring something different to the mat that you will love.

What is Breathwork: Breathwork is a series of breathing exercises that elevate the mind, body, and spirit. You’ll go on a personal journey within your body driven through breath where answers emerge, healing work begins, and peace follows. This will be taught by a certified breathwork instructor, Alex Trakas.

Hope to see you there!


Feb 16 2023


4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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