ATS is a leading language services company supporting the defense and intelligence communities.

ATS has been one of the most trusted providers of language services supporting the DoD and Intelligence Community language mission since 2001. Today, we provide over 100 linguists, language-enabled analysts, language-enabled targeters, and skilled cultural advisors, making us one of the largest and longest-tenured language support partners to the national security mission. ATS offers a comprehensive set of language services in over 50 languages, and our linguists are distinguished by their certifications, academic credentials, and extensive experience in areas such as:

  • Cultural and Language Advisory to Operations

  • Open-Source Research

  • Language Automation (HLT, CAT, NLP)

  • Translation / Transcription Services

  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation


  • Localization

  • Low-Density Language Expertise


Career Listings

What Our Employees Say.

I joined ATS a few years ago because of the CEO, hands down, and his Language management team. The chain of command is employee-friendly and cares for the well-being of its employees in numerous ways. By providing exceptional support when needed, ATS stands above many others.

Language Analyst
My name is Abdul R. and I am a linguist working with ATS since 15 September 2021. I have been working as a cleared linguist since 2006. I have worked with various companies during this time. Among all, ATS is my most favorite due to its great management, great benefits, flexibility, advancement opportunities, management-employee communication, high value and respect given to employees, and many more. I wish to continue working for ATS as long as possible.
Language Analyst