Software developed for the shifting needs of real-world missions.


To meet any set of mission-critical requirements, ATS offers in-depth experience in developing software aptly suited for the ways the defense and intelligence communities work. We provide full-cycle development, bringing to bear Agile development methodologies to solve complex challenges – all with minimal risk. Our expertise includes the following and more:

  • Software Development and Scripting

  • UI/UX Development

  • Network Interfaces and Protocols

  • Natural Language Processing and Understanding

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud Development

  • Ontology and Data Modeling

  • Software and Systems Architecture Design

  • Agile Development

  • Embedded Software Design

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What Our Employees Say.

As a recent college graduate, ATS has given me the opportunity to not only experience an amazing work place but a sense of home. I was always told that the world of industry would be a dog-eat-dog world but ATS really has changed my mind on that. Everyone at ATS has been nothing but kind and understanding. There is never a time I have felt like an outsider or that I could not give my opinion on a company matter. Everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s opinions matter. This is a true work family!
Software Engineer