ATS’ sole mission is to help the defense and intelligence communities meet theirs. Our values reflect that.

Our Mission & Values

ATS’ mission is to further the most specialized national security objectives through the delivery of high-quality and responsive CONUS & OCONUS operational support solutions to the defense and intelligence communities. This is made possible by our motivated employee-owner specialists and experienced leaders, who are experts in the areas of Technology, Intelligence, Language, Operations and Training.

Our country’s vital defense and intelligence missions may evolve, but they never cease. The systems that ensure mission successes must always operate at peak efficiency. That’s why at ATS, our engineering and development expertise spans every phase of the system life cycle, from requirements, design, build, testing, integration, and installation to operation and maintenance in live mission environments dealing with complex, interconnected threats and challenges. ATS analysts and linguists work around the clock pursuing the nation’s most critical targets. We are trained experts in a host of critical disciplines including targeting methodologies, tactical and strategic guidance, counterterrorism, counter proliferation, and geolocation analysis.

At ATS, a true sense of ethics and integrity informs all we do. These rock-solid values find their expression in our brand, our people, our product, and the services we deliver to our clients.