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ATS’ virtual and augmented reality solutions offer our intelligence and defense customers the ability to more effectively prepare for and execute mission-based activities. Our VR solutions have an expansive scope. Multiple geographically distant VR and AR users collaborate in a virtual workspace, standing on maps, surrounded by tactical and other mission-relevant data seen in 360 degrees. Users simultaneously interact with and analyze data in a dynamically updating environment that enables enhanced situational understanding.

We employ the powerful Immersive Wisdom® Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality software platform to develop groundbreaking solutions that provide enhanced situational understanding, facilitate global collaboration and data visualization, and speed up analysis of complex data to support the decision-making process of our customers.

ATS’ VR/AR solutions are unique to each customer and can support diverse applications, including:

  • Interactive Mission Planning and Execution
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness and Decision Support
  • Cyber Data Analysis

  • Cyber Operations

  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Data Analysis and Response

  • Tactical Situational Awareness and Understanding

  • Global Collaboration

Given the comprehensive nature of ATS’ VR solutions, users can take full advantage of an extraordinary immersive environment, one that weaves together multi-INT data, including imagery, sensor feeds, videos, mapping 3D models, and network graphs. Enterprise data is easily integrated so that users can collaborate and visualize, analyze, and navigate multiple diverse data sets displayed in a single common operating picture.

Within Immersive Wisdom’s temporal and geospatially-aware Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality collaborative platform, we are able to rapidly integrate a wide array of mission-specific data sources, including:

  • Intelligence data

  • Live/replayed sensor feeds

  • Live/replayed position/location data

  • Cyber/network data

  • Collection platforms

  • Tagged assets

  • Imagery

  • LiDAR

  • Mission-specific databases

  • Traditional full motion video (e.g., UAV)

  • 360-degree video

  • 3D models

  • CAD models

  • Terrain data (DTED)

  • Commercial and proprietary imagery (DEM, MrSID, NITF, GeoTIFF)

  • Traffic data

  • Social media feeds

  • Weather feeds

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