Every cell phone and tablet that walks in and out your doors is a potential security threat. LBAN gives you control of the devices.

Your workspace is ground zero for potential hacks, theft and intrusions. Or maybe it’s a space where certain phone or tablet use is simply inappropriate. LBAN, a full-function mobile device management system (MDM), allows you to enable or restrict usage of mobile device functions and applications within your defined workspace(s). This location-based mobile device access control and monitor technology secures your workplace.

ATS’ LBAN is a full-function MDM that:

  • Limits access to Bluetooth, camera, microphone, WiFi, and/or cellular antenna.

  • Requires no user interaction. It activates automatically when devices enter the virtual workspace and restores normal operation devices leave the workspace.

  • Lets you easily create or delete workspace protection through an intuitive map display.
  • Offers layered (embedded) workspace capability with varying security levels.
  • Controls workspace security with an easy point and click.