WIMsTM(Weakly Inferred Meanings), a powerful NLU technology, concretely removes ambiguity from a text, visualizes meaning, and uncovers the human intent.

National security agencies have the ability to collect messages by the millions and millions. Today, understanding what is really being said is the challenge. WIMs is a new breakthrough technology in the world of language, text and message searching. It allows users to analyze raw text, decipher intent, and map the meaning. Ultimately, it allows you to scour millions of texts, visualize the meaning behind the language, and understand them as a human would.

ATS’ WIMs – a natural language understanding system

  • Offering a new world of language, text, & message searching
  • Usable in any language/dialect
  • Minimizing false positives
  • Utilizing structured and unstructured data
  • Easily integrates with existing tools
  • Affordable, scalable and easy to use
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