Automate the process of managing SATCOM networks and make fast, reliable communications the norm.

Establishing consistent satellite communications shouldn’t be a challenge for your terminal operators, and it definitely shouldn’t take days or even hours. And it won’t, with Entegra’s Terminal Manager software. Terminal Manager provides semi-autonomous resolution to local line-of-site blockages, network failures, and network congestion. Network switching is quick and seamless, providing rapid roaming access to multiple networks and across multiple service providers. What’s more, Terminal Manager also delivers the following SATCOM capabilities immediately:

  • Rapid load balancing across multiple SATCOM networks, for more efficient utilization and better bits-per-dollars

  • Full situational awareness across all SATCOM networks, including rapid response to threats, efficient load balancing, effective planning, and better resource allocation and service procurement

  • Reduced operational burden on terminal operators by lessening their training needs, providing a common user interface regardless of terminal types, thus lessening required training and terminal downtime


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